Europa Universalis IV

One more brief game review before the semester starts.

EU IV is out and it’s good. It’s also hard. The AI has been revamped, some scripted behavior has kicked in, or the computer is just outright cheating, but it’s no longer straightforward to do the kind of world domination that I did in EU III. I’m used to a dangerous France, but now Spain and Portugal are as thick as thieves and teaming up more often than to my liking.

The starting and ending dates have changed to 1444 and 1820, respectively. I’m around 1580 with a Great Britain in control of most of the New World gold and North America, but the rest of South America went to Spain and Portugal, and I can’t finance a big enough army and navy to take on both of them simultaneously. Yet.

I made a tough but good decision to leave England Catholic. It was kind of hazy for awhile whether or not to take the plunge into Protestantism, but ultimately it was a business decision; as the game’s Spain and Portugal prove, it’s easier to run a Catholic empire.

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