Well, was Dishonored up to snuff as the Thief-like game I was expected? I would say yes, with some qualifications. The designers built stealth into the game as more than an afterthought, though they did not use lighting to its fullest extent as it is done in the Thief games.

I would say the experience was more akin to Deus Ex than Thief, with the visuals more Bioshock than HL2, and the actual gameplay having some resemblance to the quieter sections of two recent Batman games, down to the little warning symbols above the heads of guards.

The line-of-sight teleportation offered by the Blink power is probably the game’s leading conceit, allowing for a certain tactical flexibility that I had not seen before. I played a very stealth-oriented game, mostly using Blink and time manipulation, rather than the more aggressive powers, and always choosing the non-lethal option (save for a bug or two that counted knockouts as deaths, I would have completed the entire game without killing anyone).

I plan to do a more aggressive replay, of course, but overall, though, I am not going to abandon my ongoing replay of Thief 2. I enjoy its far weaker protagonist a lot more. Corvo is simply too powerful to feel vulnerable, given his only limits are my inserted and wholly unnecessary conscience. Garrett is no supernatural  assassin, just a very cautious and skilled thief. One can only hope that Thief 4 will be as gorgeous and immersive, coupling better characterization with style.

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