Debate #2

The President came out swinging so fast last night that he forgot to open with the customary thank you. As it turns out, it was an effective strategy.

Body language goes a long way to communicating a sense of energy, and the town hall format allowed him to move and gesture to great effect. He looked like a different man than the one who stood cautiously throughout the previous debate.

To be fair, the questions favored Obama, but Romney made two major gaffes that he can only blame himself for. The first was his “binders full of women” moment, which, to be charitable, was a weak answer to a very serious question, given his low polling with women voters. The second mistake was pressing Obama over the Libyan embassy attack, a most unpromising line of reasoning that quite frankly amounts to a rather thin gruel even if it was accurate (which by now it should be clear it is not).

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