Dead Man’s Chest

The Guardian, an otherwise cheeky publication, should fire its film critic for the review of Dead Man’s Chest. I thought maintaining a blog was borderline masturbatory until I read that piece and all of the others that have poo-pahed the sequel in the last week – all in all, they’re just a gaggle of excessively cheap shots. Worthy of contempt, but not rebuttal. This series has a good, soild Indiana Jones-ish aura about it that is refreshingly self-deprecating – a hard-too-detect quality for the snooty.

I like fun movies, and especially fun movies that reference the old Monkey Island PC games. Davy Jones and Barbossa are LeChuck, the voodoo lady, the key in the captain’s cabin, the coffin, etc, etc. Then again, the game was based on the ride, and the movie references the game, creating what in academia would probably be called “rich thematic intertextuality” or something equally pretentious. I appreciated it nonetheless.

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