Call for Proposals – Style = Composition

Star Medzerian and I are putting together a collection on style – in the rhetoric and composition sense of the word. Feel free to distribute this CFP to anyone you think might be interested.

Call for Proposals: Style = Composition
Deadline: August 31, 2010

Style has enjoyed a renewed presence and legitimacy in our discipline in recent years, but it remains, to a certain extent, a specialized side interest.

Style = Composition is a collection that aims to promote a style-based pedagogy for composition studies, wherein style is understood to be the core of effective writing instruction, not just a particularly difficult and advanced corner of it. Many writing instructors work with this assumption in their classrooms, but the published work in the field does not always reflect this. As such, the collection intends to provide a home for a set of approaches that both are grounded in theory and that can be applied in writing classrooms, as well as entire departments/programs. In short, the volume seeks to not only argue that we should teach style – this is assumed, if it is synonymous with writing – but also offer a number of practical models for how style (as writing) can be taught.

We invite proposals for this edited collection that share or extend upon this assumption of the centrality of style to writing. Specifically, though, we invite proposals that investigate the following:

· relationships between style and other rhetorical canons (invention, arrangement, memory, delivery)

·  paragraphing, rhythm, and/or rhetorical figures as means of teaching style

·  oral, visual/spatial, and/or digital approaches to style

·  style’s role in administration, curricula, and/or assessment

·  style as a way of understanding careers, disciplines, and/or the public sphere

Send 750-1000-word proposals with brief author bio via email to Star Medzerian ( AND Mike Duncan ( with the subject line “Collection Proposal.” Deadline for proposals is August 31, 2010. Final manuscript length will be approximately 15-30 double-spaced pages.

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  1. I read your blog on Jasper NEEL. Neel can’t really solve the problem of answering what is style? If the pragmatists win, style is what works. But what works can be anything at any time. Kind of kills the whole notion of beauty.

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