Being realistic

This critique of Obama is silly. Why?

1) Everyone knows the Democrats don’t have the votes to block a veto. It’s not a secret.

2) Everyone also knows Bush is going to veto the bill.

3) Everyone also knows, or at least should realize, that we will be in Iraq as long as Bush is in office, no matter what Congress does. Bush is still CinC. A funding cut in March ’08 will not get the troops out by Election Day.

4) When everyone’s cards are on the table, I think it’s quite acceptable to name the cards and calculate the odds, as at this point it’s just an academic exercise. Pelosi ‘n co are not fooling anybody.

5) As for the primary race, as the CBS article admits, Clinton’s voting record is virtually identical to Obama’s on the war. The only difference is consistency – Obama has always been opposed to it.

6) Frank talk by politicans should be praised and not scorned. It’s rare enough as it is.

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