Ancient Technology

This is the last post for this blog, at least in its current format.

I have maintained it for almost 16 years off and on, but times change. At times it has had decent readership, but since Twitter and Facebook and their ilk really took off and consumed most long-form discourse, blogs have steadily declined in significance. There is only a few that I still read, and then only for specialized knowledge fit for little other than specialists.

I have never had a significant social media presence, and I have no real plan to change that. I chucked Facebook and Twitter out the door years ago, just like I walked away from innumerable discussion boards. Ultimately, they’re not for me.

The virus’s ability to ruthlessly crunch the time I need to do my job as a professor has alerted me to what activities I could cut without losing much, and this blog is one of those. Its longevity is mostly a sign of my innate stubbornness.

I’m going to back up the database in a few days and read through the entries to see if there’s an article idea in there that I’ve forgot about, but after that, it’s adieu. I may keep the domain name parked for some other purpose.

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