A difficult choice; also, Bat-goodness

I have a difficult choice to make later this week. Should I buy Skyrim for the PS3 or PC?

Naturally, even a year ago, before I had a PS3, such a question would have been unthinkable and nigh blasphemous. The PC is the ultimate gaming platform until direct brain interfaces become available – an event that will probably occur within my lifetime, but I will be too old and cranky to enjoy it, in all likelihood.

But I am seriously considering getting the PS3 version. While the PC version will likely be better in terms of speed and graphical prowess, there are some advantages to the console that I have come to appreciate.

One, I can play it on our big screen. Much graphical detail gets lost even on a large widescreen desktop LCD, but I have more room for seating adjustment using a 40+ inch screen.

Two, due to the wider frame of viewing, I can watch our dogs more easily when playing. One of them likes to eat inappropriate items from time to time (cough cough SUNNY cough cough).

Three, the PS3 is far more portable than the industrial behemoth that is my main PC. I can take it with us on vacation, assuming I haven’t devoured the entire game and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations by Xmas.

Does this mean the end of Mike’s long affair with PC gaming? The consoles do release nearly everything simultaneously. The answer is a firm no. I would never have bought Deus Ex for the console, for example, even if its latest version was aimed at the console for development. Some games – many games, in fact – just don’t work without a keyboard/mouse interface, and the consoles will never go in that direction.

Another bonus for the PC is more control over the game files – modding is easier – but I am something of a purist, and will play the game as its developers intended.

Right now I’m leaning PS3.

In other savory gaming news, I’ve more or less finished Batman: Arkham City, save the challenge maps that I haven’t worked through yet. Despite the Riddler’s constant accusations that I’ve been ‘cheating’ and ‘using the Internet’, I actually didn’t. I am happy to report that Rocksteady did the near impossible and made a game even better than Arkham Asylum. They might have made one of the best games ever, bar none.

Also, I have to say that I played Arkham City on – gasp – the PS3. This is after playing Arkham Asylum on the PC (where it deleted my save game files!), and replaying it on the PS3 (so I could play as the Joker)… and noticed it actually looked… better, possibly due to the big screen.

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