A brief period of gaming goodness

In the last few days, while actually getting some work done, I’ve managed to enjoy quite a bit of Orange Box goodness: Portal, Episode One, and Episode Two, to be particular. If I can get H to stop playing Sims 2 for a few minutes, I think she’d like Portal, which is to be quite frank, concentrated goodness, much like the vehicle sequences in Episode Two. But she is too busy at the moment trying to prevent one of her characters from abandoning her life goals in favor of eating 200 cheese sandwiches. A tough call, I’d say.

While I’m thinking about PC games, I should put in a quick plug for Mount & Blade, a great shareware game made in Turkey that I’ve been playing for over two years, even though it has still not been offically released in all that time. The current version is .894, a fairly major update. If you enjoy the thought of combat on horseback, something that no other game that I know of attempts even semi-realistically, you should check it out. TIt has a vibrant mod community, again quite incredible, concerning there is no official version and the game has always been charmingly bare-bones. The fanatical level of participation reminds me of Desert Combat, the old mod for Battlefield 1942 that was even more popular than the very successful game – but M&B isn’t even multiplayer. It’s just plain fun, the ultimate measure of any game.

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