The Problem with Executive Summaries…

…is that it takes some skill to write them, and our Attorney General doesn’t have that skill. I teach report writing, and after thousands of graded reports, I know a dodgy executive summary when I see one. They often are used to conceal relevant evidence that would contradict the agrument in the summary – said evidence is buried in the full report.

This case is curious, though, because Barr did not write the report. Rather than release the report, he ‘summarized’ it – without telling us much at all about what is in it. Most of it is legalese. The evidence and warrant are missing.

Of my earlier predictions, I retract only one – that we would not get to see the full report. I suspect the AG’s tepid opinion, provided by Trump, will not hold for very long. Mueller’s demurral to the AG’s judgment is very interesting…

Report is out

Some predictions.

1) We will not get to see the full report.

2) It will not recommend Trump be charged, impeached, or anything.

3) It will provide enough evidence to convict Trump after he leaves office in more than one jurisdiction. NY at least.

4) Democrats will howl.

5) Trump will announce he is vindicated.

6) It will be damning, regardless of 1-5.

7) It won’t matter to any Trump voter.