Gay marriage

Today’s SCOTUS decision on gay marriage was long in coming, but it came at last.

A lot of people are upset about it, but more people are deliriously, definitely happy about it. And in general, with some exceptions, I think anything that increases happiness in the world is a good thing. It’s quite possible for a nation and culture to move in a negative direction, but I think, again, that this is easily a net positive. 

The feelings of many social conservatives are hurt, but there is an easy cure – go out and make friends with some gay people. I think one will find that after some exposure to them one-on-one, they are like any other people, and what makes them ‘different’ is no more important than hair color. 

As a biblical scholar I spend a lot of time reading the gospels in the Greek, probably more than many Christians. My impression is that Jesus, who said nothing about gay people in any of the recorded narratives, didn’t obsess himself with the private sexual lives of people he encountered. That was what Paul did – and Paul, it’s easy to forget, was not Jesus. You kinda have to take his anti-homosexual rant with a grain of salt, as he was busy makng his own, limited version of Christianity.

Why would Jesus worry about something so trivial? Witness his forgiving of the adultress in John – would a man who said the stunner ‘He who is without sin cast the first stone’ fret about homosexuality? He had bigger fish to fry. Of course, that line is a definite interpolation – 3rd century – but it’s probably the most Jesus-y saying there is.

In short, gay marriage just isn’t a big deal. The seas aren’t going to boil. The sky will not fall. My newborn son will grow up in a country that is a little more free. That’s good, I think.