Some pedals, baby shower

So I have gotten interested in playing guitar again, after a year or so of no activity, and I recently bought a few pedals to kind of broaden my sonic horizons, so to speak. They are the Octafuzz and the Shaky Jimi.

The Octafuzz is a ripoff of Roger Mayer’s famous Octavia, which is still made via Mayer, but is out of my price range at $300 a pop. Both are octave doublers that add a note one octave up to whatever note you’re playing. This sounds horrible with chords, but very good with single notes picked close to the neck pickup. Hendrix famously used the Octavia to play the blistering solos on “Purple Haze” and “Fire,” among many other instances. I can get something pretty close to that cuts-like-a-knife sound with the Octafuzz, especially if I combine it with my Fuzz Face, with the Fuzz Face first in the chain and the Octafuzz second.

The Shaky Jimi is a ripoff of the famous Univibe, with a separate chorus setting. When on the vibe setting, it makes a sound like an old Leslie rotating speaker cabinet. I primarily bought the SJ so I could approximate the sound in Hendrix’s “Hey Baby,” which is probably my favorite guitar song. I am happy to report that the SJ is indeed capable of this sound, with a little knob-fiddling.  I had previously owned a Rotovibe, which also did this effect well, but it stopped working and I lost track of it between moves years ago.

In other news, H and I went to a joint baby shower for her and her sister (who is also pregnant) on Saturday. It was a fun occasion and we received a lot of really useful and wonderful stuff from some very thoughtful people.