Well, basically none of the crowdsourcing efforts of the Internet ultimately helped catch the two bombers. If anything, they complicated matters, although one could argue that they sped up slightly the release of the images of the principle suspects. There is a lesson to be learned here, though it’s not clear in my mind yet. Professionals and facts over amateurs and supposition, perhaps?

Conferences, Boston Bombers

It’s about time for me to write proposals for CCCC (May 6 deadline) and RSA (July 1 deadline). I haven’t been to either in some time and I am a little concerned at the moment, as I don’t feel I have much to propose.

This 4chan and Reddit finger-pointing stuff seems promising – creating multiple narratives out of still pictures of men with backpacks that SEEM damning. The FBI just released its own video mashup, of course (official version here at the FBI website) from what appears to be store surveillance video. It’s too early to say what will come of all this, but our ever-increasingly videographical society appears to be ready for its closeup. If the Boston bombers are caught via these means, it’ll be a simultaneous victory for justice and continuous public surveillance.


Having this website is frustrating sometimes, because I can’t really write in detail about most of the things that I’m currently engaged in or find interesting. I’m working on an article on Luke-Acts, but posting unfinished work seems unwise. Ditto for another article on workplace documentation. I’m not concerned about ideas being pilfered, but my personal quest for perfection gets in the way.

I just finished Bioshock: Infinite, but that game is so easily spoiled that I dare not say a word about it lest some virgin wander by. Ever since I, purely by accident, told H that a certain someone killed a certain someone in a certain book, I have been trying to be careful about such sensitive information. I will simply say that it is very, very good.

In the end, I suppose, I have absolutely nothing to say at the moment, but that beats 90% of the web most days.